Welcome to Kolbie’s Goodies!

We are a home based bakery located in Riverside, California, that specializes in gourmet cupcakes and cake pops. All of our goodies are always fresh, and homemade!

We cater to all types of local events and parties. If you’d like our goodies at your next event, choose a flavor, fill out a request form, and send it to the oven!

You can check out all of our goodies, HERE.

Custom Goodies!

Whatever the occasion, no matter the theme, Kolbie’s Goodies has you covered.

Just pick a flavor or two from our gourmet goodie menu, and ask us to customize them them however you’d like! Everything we put in and on our goodies, is completely edible! From sprinkles, to fondant, and even chocolate toppers, we make sure you receive the freshest and most appealing goodies we have to offer.

Check out our Goodie Gallery to see some of the custom cakes and cupcakes that we’ve made.